Price on application
Year: 1972

Sikorsky UH-60

EUR 400,000.00
Year: 1958

Aero L-60 Brigadýr

We are europe's largest dedicated aircraft sales company

It all started with a passion for aviation, good communication skills, and a love of interesting people. These crucial factors, when combined with an unwavering focus on our customers needs have allowed us to grow naturally into what is now Europe's largest dedicated aircraft sales company. Our belief has always been that life is too short to not be doing what you love.

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Sell your aircraft today

A.S.I showroom sales are the obvious way for our clients to achieve the best possible results when selling their aircraft. As we have such a wide variety of aircraft to choose from, knowledgeable staff on hand, and a wide range of finance packages that guarantee sales.

Obtain an FAA Pilots certificate

We constantly get asked by potential aircraft buyers about pilot training and the best way to get their private pilots license and following that an instrument rating. Time after time I sit down and explain the benefits of the American FAA over the European EASA system.

Take flight with our finance services for your next aircraft

When using our escrow services, we will act as a neutral third-party to the transaction in an effort to ensure a smooth transaction for all parties involved.  We first conduct an FAA/CAA Title Search to determine all of the documents necessary to transfer free and clear title to the buyer of an aircraft.

Escrow services

Escrow services for your next dreamy aircraft

Aviation Sales International Holdings LLC provides aircraft escrow services with a level of confidentiality and security that is unmatched. To further guarantee your transactions, we are fully bonded and insured, and our escrow procedure is fully compliant with the latest multi-level security protocols for electronic funds and document transfers.

Buy and sell with Bitcoin

If you're into blockchain technology and use crypto, you're in luck! You can now purchase aicrafts listed on our website using bitcoin. The way we calculate the price of each aircraft is by establishing the BTC price on the spot, when we sign the buy/sell contract. This way we avoid the price variation that may happen.

We are based in the heart of Europe

Feel free to contact or visit us at our Headquarters in Neustadt an der Aisch, near Nürnberg, Germany.

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