Cirrus SR20 F-HJAD

Fast aircraft for your weekend trips!

250,000.00 €

Cessna 172H UR-CTK

Perfect for bulding hours

79,000.00 €

Blackshape Prime BS100 PH-4N4

Fast, economical, maneuverable - Top-Gun-Feeling!

170,000.00 €

Cessna 150 D-ESIL

New paint, New windows, Barely hours - Probably the best on the market, in near mint condition!

69,000.00 €

Extra EA-500 N85ZS

Spacy, comfortable, reliable!

1,150,000.00 €

Tarragon I-D260

Super fast, super modern, super efficent!

210,000.00 €

WT9 Aerospool Dynamic D-MDYY

Fast, economical and in a outstanding condition!

134,500.00 €

PA28-181 Archer III D-ELVC

Perfect Trainer for (commercial) flight schools

170,000.00 €

PA46-350P YR-STM

Best avionics - ready to fly!

590,000.00 €
Under Offer

Beech C23 Sundowner D-EPPR

Cheap to operate, a pleasure to fly, and a true classic, this Beech Sundowner offers comfort and reliability, and is ready to fly away!

89,000.00 €

Piper PA46 350P Malibu Mirage

Malibu Mirage in Excellent Condition

465,000.00 €