Selling your aircraft

A.S.I showroom sales are the obvious way for our clients to achieve the best possible results when selling their aircraft. As we have such a wide variety of aircraft to choose from, knowledgeable staff on hand, and a wide range of finance packages that guarantee sales.

Our customers come back to us every time they want to trade in and upgrade or change their aircraft. All of our customers, both old and new love visiting us, and have a very relaxing and enjoyable time looking around and choosing a new aircraft.

Often our customers are delighted to find themselves able to purchase a much nicer aircraft than they were expecting, due to our extremely tax efficient and competitive finance packages.

Sell aircraft now
Effortless, cost saving
Whilst we sell your aircraft, it stays with us, in our secure, climate controlled showrooms, free of charge.All aircraft are kept looking their absolute best, and literally in showroom condition for visiting buyers.
Preparation for sale
Each and every aircraft, is subject to an extreme deep detailing and pre sales process that lasts for 2 full days on arrival. This interior and exterior focus includes, where necessary, carpet and upholstery washing and treatment, machine polishing, leather nourishment, and nano-coat protection. Once we are satisfied, it's ready for our photographers. We fully understand that, "Retail is in the detail!”
Extra exposure for clients
Our showroom sales performance figures prove that ASI have succeeded in creating the ultimate environment for aircraft sales. With zero pressure, zero rush, and an obvious love for what we do (and very good coffee), our clients know they are always welcome to drop in any time, whether buying or not, just to say hello and see what we have, many of whom become firm friends.

Other sale options

Sometimes an aircraft cannot be repositioned to our sales facility. This is usually because the aircraft is still in daily use whether privately or commercially. Despite it being a slower and more complicated process we still execute sales in this way. If you have decided to sell, and want the best result, repositioning to our showroom yields the best, fastest results everytim. When customers visit our aircraft sales showroom, they are automatically in the buying mood. The urge to buy an aircraft is strong in our showroom, as there are numerous beautiful machines right there. Spontaneous sales are common for us, they normally start with the words "oh wow!" Our finance packages take care of the rest. If you want you aircraft to sell, quickly for a very good price, it must be in our showroom.

The main upside

If your aircraft is in daily use, it can continue to be throughout the sales process..

Stay in touch

It will be up to you to ensure the aircraft is properly prepared for sale, and thoroughly detailed inside and out prior to any viewings. We will liaise with you to arrange a time for us to have access to the aircraft, and conduct the viewing with our customer.

The main downside

It can take longer for your aircraft to sell, there is also no chance for buyers to see you aircraft whilst they are in our showroom. Travel restrictions for customers from certain countries can make things tricky and inconvenient for the buyer.

Selling your aircraft

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Outline of our sales process

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Step one

If you fly your aircraft on a regular basis and really don’t want to be without it during the sales process then we can offer you the services of a transitional broker.

Step two

We will arrange to come and appraise your aircraft and take photos ready for our marketing team to present the aircraft. We can send one of our experienced pilots to collect your aircraft in order to reposition it to our base near Nuremberg, Germany.

Step three

We will provide you with our assessment to the aircraft value and discuss with you at the price we should take it to market at.

Step four

Our marketing team will compile all the aircraft information, photos and videos and add them to our online platform as well as many other industry sites world wide.  As well as the online marketing we will present the aircraft to other brokers we work alongside and directly to our large client base.

Step five

We will regularly update listings, and keep on top of the market value of your aircraft. If we think we need to reassess the asking price then we will discuss this with you.

Step six

When potential buyers are found we will arrange viewings and show them the aircraft.  We are able to offer finance to our buyers so this also helps secure a lot of sales.

Step seven

Once a buyer is found, we will provide you with a sales contract to sign, the terms of the sale are confirmed and payment will be made securely via our client account.  Payment will be transferred to you and ownership documents will change hands.

Step eight

We will assure that from the moment the aircraft is handed over that you have no more legal obligations, we will arrange for the change of owner or de-registration process to be completed.

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